Features 2020/21

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Home Fragrancing, Wellness / Feel-Good Gift-Led Products including personal safety - facemarks, sanitiser etc.

What’s New: August 20th

Ad Deadline: September 1st

Published: September 11th


OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2020 *Special Edition*

Christmas products special feature, Cook & Dine, Greats Awards review, Trade Fair Focus.

What’s New: October 8th

Ad Deadline: October 15th

Published: October 29th



Features include:

Licensed Gifts, Home Fragrancing, Jewellery and Fashion, January and February Show Previews special edition.

What’s New: December 3rd

Ad Deadline: December 14th

Published: January 4th



Features include:

Spring Fair Preview (What's New), Jewellery & Fashion Accessories, Gifts For Babies & Children, Home Fragrancing.

What’s New: January 4th

Ad Deadline: January 11th

Published: January 26th



Features include:

Retail Barometer, Men’s Gifts, Garden Products special focus, Made In Britain.

What’s New: April 2nd

Ad Deadline: April 15th

Published: April 22nd



Features include:

Home & Gift (Harrogate) Show Preview, Home Fragrancing, Bath and Body.

What’s New: June 10th

Ad Deadline: June 17th

Published: July 2nd



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